Thursday, June 08, 2006

Change of direction

As friends and regular readers of this blog will know, I recently started my own company, but I have been working with my old employer on a transition project. Well, for me, that ends today, and I will be leaving my old office for the "garages" of start-up folk law.

Most of all I will miss the people I am leaving behind; I have been very lucky to have worked in a company with some truly world-class engineers. I wish everyone there all the best for the future.

It is also the end of my work on Automatic Cell Planning (ACP), which is a subject I have been dedicated to since starting my PhD in 1997. After nearly 10 years on the same subject, I am more than ready for a change. Ironically, this field has really taken off recently, with large scale deployment of ACP tools worldwide, and I fully expect this growth to accelerate.

It is too early to discuss what I will be doing at Keima, but as things are made public I will blog them.

Wish me luck!

p.s. it is pure coincience that the World Cup starts the day after I leave, honestly!

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