Friday, May 27, 2011

Passpack - Online password management

Did I bore you about Passpack yet? If not read on...

Passpack is a website that manages your passwords and other login details. It is simple to use and allows you to share passwords with colleagues and family members.

For instance, if you add a link to the login page for the site, it will auto-complete the login fields (using a bookmarklet).

I can also recommend the automatic password generation, which helps you avoid principal danger of password reuse.

It has a neat system whereby the passwords are decrypted locally in the browser using your security pass-phrase. This means that even the Passpack folks can't see your passwords. Of course this means you should keep you pass-phrase written down somewhere - I recommend keeping it with your will :-)

For extra simplicity, you can login with your ID from Google, Facebook, Twitter, or and OpenID provider. This doesn't help with the pass-phrase, but it stops you needing two passwords: one to login and one to decrypt your data.

Until true SSO is a reality, this makes identity management much simpler.

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