Thursday, June 05, 2008

RSS Feed Synchronization

Moving computers is always stressful, and moving RSS feeds from one machine to another is even more painful. This week I moved over to a (literally) shiny new machine and hoped my RSS would follow, but there were some glitches. I use Outlook 2007 + Exchange for reading syndicated feeds (I realise other readers are available) and I like the synchronization with Internet Explorer's feed list. However, if you add a few hundered feeds at once to IE (via the File > Import / Export option), Outlook only gets the first 10 or so before giving up. A reliable (if tedious) way to do the integration is as follows:

  1. Export your feeds as an OPML file on your old computer: File > Import and Export... > Export RSS Feeds to an OPML file

  2. Move to your new computer

  3. Delete any RSS feeds that are registered in Outlook: Tools > Account Settings > RSS Feeds

  4. Delete the RSS feed list for IE by deleting all files in %LocalAppData%/Microsoft/Feeds

  5. Delete all of your RSS folders. This is especially tedious because of a lack of multi-select

  6. Make sure that RSS feeds are synchronized between IE and Outlook: Tools > Options > Other > Advanced Options... > Sync RSS Feeds to the Common Feed List

  7. Add the RSS feeds by importing the OPML file in Outlook: File > Import and Export... > Import RSS Feeds from an OPML file

Other hightlights of the move included a UI failure caused by local file caching and a UI deadlock apparently caused by appearance of a password dialog (some of my PST files are password protected).


Matthew said...

how do you find your rss feed, i wnat to make a igoogle,thing, with an rss feed of my blog but i cant find the rss feed of my blog, is that what feedburner is for???

Rupert said...

Hi Matthew,

My syndication feed is: It is hidden away in the source HTML of the blog so that browsers (and other HTML readers) can find it. For instance, Internet Explorer detects feeds in a page and activates a syndication button.

Many blogs have an explicit link to the feed from the page with the syndication icon. For instance, my companies news page has a Syndication panel with a link inside.

Wiki is your friend: Web feed. Note that RSS is just a type of web feed.

pokemon roks(my penguin name) and madaco said...

thanks! that really helps