Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Keima Composer 1.0

My company has released its first product: Keima Composer 1.0.

We have laboured long and hard to produce a product that is considerably more mature than its version number would suggest. It has been used to plan over 20,000 sites through our own consultancy services, and has already saved our customers an estimated $30 million.

It is perfectly suited to the rollout of new technolgies such as WiMAX, and has been proven to do so better, faster, and cheaper. It is suitable for small campus-wide deployments or for complete nationwide campaigns.

On a personal note, this is the third product that I have taken to market, but being produced by my own company it is the most satisfying. We have built something from scratch that we are very proud of and enjoy using. The "secret sauce" has definately been the .NET framework and Visual Studio 2005 - we have reached further because we have stood on the shoulders of giants.

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