Friday, November 11, 2005

Arthur Ganson Presents a Few Machines

Originally posted on Cool Tools:

Cool and useless. That's my definition of art. A midnight engineer and MIT professor creates totally useless machines. They are exquisitely beautiful. They do absolutely nothing. At best they whir and click and shake. A genuine artist, he also has filmed his machines obliquely, only partially seen, behind a veil of mystery. You want to know how they work, what they do, how come? No answers. Only peeks at cool and useless machines in marvelous varieties and cleverness, turning, turning, turning. Utterly riveting, supremely inspiring, and very geeky.  Show this at a party, and everyone stops transfixed.

arthur_ganson.jpg arthur_ganson.shot.jpg arthur_ganson.shot2.jpg

Arthur Ganson Presents a Few Machines: Created between 1978 and 2004. 70 min. $20

Available from Arthur Ganson

My in-laws have bought this for me for Christmas, they just don't know it yet. I think my boys will also enjoy it, although B2 is happy with just about anything as long as it fits in his mouth :-)

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