Friday, February 18, 2005

ZX Spectrum on your smartphone

PocketClive is the sort of program that can reduce bitter IT workers to a state of geeky rapture.

Just the music from Manic Miner gives you waves of nostalgia, and there are plenty more games available from World Of Spectrum.

It all works fine on my SPV500 despite a fiddly joystick. Just follow the install instructions and copy TZX and TAP tape images into the Tapes folder. For some reason it took PocketClive a while to find them (it all clicked after I added the StarQuake TAP file for some reason). Mounting the tape images is one part of the battle, then you need to resort to the manual to find how to type the LOAD "" and start the tape.

I feel a "Top Ten Speccy Games of All Time" blog entry coming on...

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